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"Men hate high-waisted jeans, don’t ever wear them [in front of me.]"

"Well, how did you expect to get treated [dressed in an outfit that men, like me, find so sexy?]"


"Ew, fat girls shouldn’t wear shorts that short [because it displeases me.]"

"I like a girl with curves - real women have curves [where I want them to be.]"


"I hate when girls wear makeup [because I think they don’t need it.]"

"Ew, look how tired Hillary Clinton looks [I find it so unattractive that I don’t care to learn more about what she was doing behind that podium.]"


"She dresses like a fucking slut [probably to attract me.]"

"Why don’t you wear something a little tighter, baby?  I can tell you got a great body under that suit.  Show it off [to me.]"


"Women are illogical and shallow and obsessed with their appearance."

cough PROJECTION cough

If you truly think “she’s stupid, she deserves to be hit,” you’re thinking the exact same way about her that her abuser thinks.  And if that alone doesn’t make you question your stance, then you’ve lost touch with your own capacity to both reason and empathize.  That combined with a lack of personal experience and you’ll find you can no longer expect your opinion to be viewed as valid in the conversation about domestic abuse.  So get a smarter one.


I’m a pacifist. Sincerely. I don’t support war in any context. Yet my taxes have helped pay for a decade long war.

Because it’s not for us to individually pick and choose where our taxes go - or else there would be no stray puppies in the US but millions of homeless people.

So people who don’t support women having birth control or access to planned parenthood - people who feel they are paying for women to be promiscuous (I know) - when they go so far out of their way to make sure that their belief can suffocate any other it feels very demeaning to me as a human.

Because it shows that there are people more fervent about changing the system to prevent us from access to something every woman eventually needs, than there are people fervent about ending a fucking *war*.

Protection over a woman’s sexual health is more important to delete from law than war.